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A Makeup Artist’s Favorite Holiday

In honor of Halloween, I would like to post some of my favorite spooky work.

This is a makeup I did several years ago in school.  It involved a bald cap and paint.  The only problem I have with the end result is that I didn’t hide the ears in the bald cap or stick them down.

This one is a bald cap and hairwork.  Not very spooky, I admit.  But this look required a major transformation.  Model is 18 years old.

This injury simulation was done just for kicks on a close friend.  Playing with makeup is just so great!


About Kinsey

Freelance Makeup Artist living in Bloomington, Indiana. I work in the midwest doing makeup ranging from beauty to special fx. I try to live a healthy lifestyle, eating whole organic foods and having a relationship with nature. BUT I have a fashion addiction and love to play with makeup. Here is my journey.

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