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Dead Dolly

This Halloween proved to be uneventful.  No Makeup Artist can get through Halloween without doing something!  My best friends, model Jenni and photographer Evan decided to have some fun.   This great old house west of Bloomington has always been alluring to me.  It is a classic Victorian home with beautiful details but the lighting we had to work with didn’t allow us to really showcase the home.  But it was still perfectly spooky.

The makeup on Jenni is OCC airbrush base.  I really had hoped to do some injury simulation and monsters this year.  For this photoshoot I wanted something creepy but still within the editorial realm.  I think we pulled it off.  OCC liptars for the lip color.  Urban Decay and Joe Blasco for the eyes.  Somehow I’m always drawn back to the doll look which I find perfectly feminine and unsettling.  I hope you enjoy!


About Kinsey

Freelance Makeup Artist living in Bloomington, Indiana. I work in the midwest doing makeup ranging from beauty to special fx. I try to live a healthy lifestyle, eating whole organic foods and having a relationship with nature. BUT I have a fashion addiction and love to play with makeup. Here is my journey.

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