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Happy Anniversary :: Jenni + Evan

In honor of my two best friends who were wed one year ago today, I bring you a glimpse of their beautiful day.  Jenni and Evan were wed on a wooded property far off the beaten path.  The ceremony was quaint and intimate with a small number of friends and family.  And boy oh boy it was a hot day!  A beautiful sunny day, but hot nonetheless.

Brides want different things and this goes for makeup too.  Some brides want to be very glamorous and other brides want to be very natural.  Jenni is my muse and often allows me full creative reign when it comes to making up her face.  Her wedding day was no different.  But I knew I wanted something very natural for Jenni.  She had this gorgeous vintage gown, bright red hair, and an eye catching half-sleeve tattoo.  I didn’t want to distract the eye from these visually appealing factors.  Not to mention that Jenni is a natural beauty anyway.

For her look I used OCC airbrush foundation to even out skin tone.  OCC shimmer/blush was done in Vintage (this always looks great on Jenni’s fair skin).  We used a tinted lip balm on her lips.  Now since it has been a year, I don’t remember every detail and this is where it gets fuzzy.  I know I did some individual or cluster lashes  to create a fuller lash line.  We did a cream shadow for highlighting around the eye, a soft shimmer pink for color and a taupe or light brown for a crease color.  I don’t remember which products I used for the eyes, only the colors.  A very simple look!

And here I am with the stunning bride!  I’m also wearing OCC airbrush foundation, blush in Peach (has recently been discontinued) and Lip Tar in Safety Orange.  I’m not sure about the eye color.


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