My name is Kinsey Clark.  I’m a freelance makeup artist living in Indiana.  I can do it all when it comes to makeup-fresh faced brides or gruesome monsters.  Here in Indiana I find myself doing more brides and I’m fine with that.  Because makeup in all its forms is my passion and creative outlet.  I started doing makeup in 2007, graduated from Joe Blasco Makeup School in 2008 and have been on a colorful journey ever since.

I try to live a simple and natural lifestyle.  Whenever possible, I bring this into the art of makeup as well.  This means that I offer reviews and information on vegan makeup, educate about cosmetic ingredients and also provide the best products for my clients.

If you are looking for an artist for your wedding, photos, special event, or any other occasion please contact me!


3 responses to “About

  1. Kinsey,
    If you can get me a few cards I can pass them on to my clients.
    I got your link from Heather Dawn Smith’s post on Facebook


    Tim Kroskie

  2. Kinsey

    Sure thing! E-mail me your address at muakinsey@hotmail.com and I would be so happy to send some business cards. Thank you Tim!

  3. Hello Kinsey!

    My name is Leah Wall and I have been looking for a make-up artist for my wedding on July 9 2011 in Bloomington. I met you briefly at the Showers Bed and Breakfast and have heard nothing but great things about you. I was wondering if you are free that day? Please let me know! Thank you 🙂

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