Will I have a trial makeup application for my wedding?

Yes! I always offer a trail-run for your wedding makeup!  While this is not required, I do prefer to meet you and discuss our vision before the big day.  That way I can design a look specially to showcase your individual beauty.  I want to make sure my clients are pleased with my work and the trial allows me to learn what will make you feel beautiful for your special day.  I usually do this makeup a month or more before the wedding day.

Can I get airbrush makeup for my wedding?

Airbrush is included in all my bridal makeups.  I could shout it to the world: AIRBRUSH ROCKS!  Now if for some crazy reason you don’t want this service, I do offer traditional application of only top-notch products.  (For more information about airbrush makeup, please refer to the Airbrush section of the FAQ)

Do I get false lashes with my bridal makeup?

I provide false lashes for every makeup I do.  It gives you that extra POW to really make you stand out! False lashes come in many forms and I provide what is best for your individual look.  Individual or cluster lashes for the natural bride, and strip lashes for the glamorous bride.

What about flower girls?

I provide complimentary makeup for all flower girls or bridal party members under the age of 15.  This includes blush or bronzer and lip gloss.  Older girls may also get some concealer for blemishes.  These makeups are at no additional cost.

How much time will it take?

Please allow at least 45 minutes for each face.  I want to make everyone look their best, and sometimes this requires time.

When should I book you?

The sooner the better.  During the busy wedding months (May-September) it’s best to book 5-8 months in advance.  But there always are last-minute cancellations and additions so contact me about any wedding date!


What kind of commercial work do you do?

Anything and everything!  I’m available for print, film, modeling/talent portfolios, and any other venture that might require makeup.    I love the creative aspect of makeup and enjoy editorial work as well as Special FX work.

What are you rates?

Please refer to the Rates section of the FAQ for a base rate.  I offer full day and half day rates for commercial work.  My base rates may change depending on the requirements for the work.


What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a liquid product that is applied in a light mist over your skin.  The makeup is applied and set in microscopic dots, getting into fine lines and large pores.

Why is airbrush so great?

Since airbrush makeup is applied as microscopic dots (a mist) onto your skin, it reads beautifully on camera.  Modern media such as High Definition and digital all reads in pixels.  Pixels are essentially tiny dots and therefore reads the makeup flawlessly.  The streaks and lines created by traditional makeup application go away when replaced with airbrush.

Is airbrush safe?

When used properly, airbrush makeup is safe.  Constant overexposure to airbrush makeup is not recommended because makeup particles may be breathed into the lungs.  Inhalation can be minimized if applied by experienced artists who take proper precautions.

Special FX

What kind of Special FX makeup do you do?

What are you looking for? I can do construction mosters, inury simulation, prosthetic work, character makeup, ageing, and ust about anything your wild imagination can create!

When do you do Special FX makeup?

I can do Speical FX ust about any time.  Halloween is a big season for this type of makeup.  This means I can do parties, groups, or an individual makeup to WOW your friends.  I also do movies, commercial work, etc.  If you’ve got a need then I’ve got the supplies.


What do you charge for Bridal work?

It’s always best to contact me for rate information.  Sometimes I offer specials for referrals, certain months, or bridal party size.  And with these fluctuating gas prices my rates fluctuate as well since all my work is on location.

What do you charge for Commercial work?

I charge a base rate of $250/half day (4 hours or less) $500/full day (4-8 hours).  These rates may change according to job requirements.

What do you charge for Special FX work?

This totally depends on the job!  Contact me please.


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